Il Guarany

The Opera Il Guarany, created by the Brazilian composer Carlos Gomes (1836-1896) was the first Brazilian Opera presented in Europe. Gomes was the only non-European who was successful as an opera composer in Italy, during the “golden age of opera.

Il Guarany premiered on 19 March 1870 at the Theater Alla Scalla in Milan. The opera was later presented in Brazil, Moscow, Saint Petersburg and to other European cities.

O Guarani : libretto
Libretto O Guarany

“Il Guarany” is based on a book “O Guarany”, José de Alencar (1829-1877), published in 1857. Its story is settled around Rio de Janeiro in 1560.The book, which was written after Brazil independence from Portugal, has for the first time in Brazilian literature an Indigenous as the main character in a story. Indigenous tribes Aimorés and Guarany are at war. A Love Story develops between Ceci (the daugther of a Portuguese Colonel) and Peri (the lider of the tribe Guarany). Peri agrees on helping Ceci’s father to fight the Aimorés. After Peri’s agreement, a series of events begin to develop before Peri and Ceci are able to live their Love Story.

Initiatiefnemer van Guarany

Régis Gonçalves (Brazilië)
Régis is beeldende kunstenaar en initiator van de Stichting Guarany. Hij studeerde Fine Arts aan de Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (2010). Hij behaalde zijn Master Artistic Research aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA, 2013). Na een verblijf in Ghana en Dubai is hij sinds 2008 woonachtig in Amsterdam. Hij heeft diverse exposities in Nederland en buitenland gehad en ook de komende tijd staan er exposities gepland.

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