Our Mission

The Foundation Guarany, settled in The Netherlands, aims to promote the interest in Brazilian music, visual arts, literature, dance, movies and other artistic and cultural expressions this way providing a window onto Brazilian art and culture for European audiences. Our main way of doing this is by organizing exhibitions and concerts, literary meetings, filmpresentations and any other activity to this end. We are also considering the exchange of Brazilian and European (Dutch) artists in those fields.

The philosophy behind the foundation Guarany is that arts foster relationships. Art connects people. Art does not ride in one direction. Therefore, the Foundation seeks not only to give Brazilian artists the possibility to talk about their work and their insights, but also allow Europeans to present their view on Brazilian art and culture.
We believe in discussion and debate. Our believe in promoting Brazilian art and culture in Europe is linked to the idea that art and its concepts travel both ways and are capable to connect past, present and future.

Brazilian art and culture in Europe